Sherbrook Associates help small, medium and large companies all over the world improve their businesses. Our products and services allow you to tap into this pool of expertise cost effectively.

Examples of recent assignments include:

    • Converting a specialist small business consultancy into a profitable ‘tech track 100’ software vendor during a period of negative revenue growth by setting up SE-CMMi level 5 offshore development in India.
    • Rapidly maturing the engineering capability of a global software company ahead of a successful IPO. Award winning products delivered and field defects reduced by a factor of 10 in less than a year.
    • Directing the design and manufacture of over 90 new products across 3 continents during a four-year period to fuel the revenue growth of a global networking company from $77M to $420M.
    • Establishing outsourcing partnerships to implement ‘best of breed’ business processes and systems for a global ‘.web’ start-up and a consolidated $250M product business. The former facilitated the growth of the business from 0 to $31M in less than a year and the later reduced ‘day to day’ operational expenditure by 30%.
    • Championing the productisation and offshore manufacture of some of the world’s smallest mobile phones

Assignments can be short or longer term, and follow-up advice is only a phone call away.

Our prime objective is to add value not cost to your business and we take pride in saving our clients much more than we charge for our services.

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